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Degrees of Giving

| December 2, 2008

by Jim Bruce

Today’s reading, “Degrees of Giving” by Bruna Martinuzzi, comes from the MindTools November 25th, 2008 newsletter.  

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving and were with our families and thought about all the reasons we have to be thankful.  We may have thought about giving — giving thanks, giving of our time, giving material gifts, etc.  Such gifts can give us some understanding of the power of generosity and lead naturally to asking how the ideas of generosity and giving translate to the workplace and leadership.

Bruna Martinuzzi’s piece gets us thinking about that subject and encourages us to lead with a generous spirit.  He suggests nine ways that we can give:

1.  Give people a sense of importance.

2.  Give feedback, not criticism.

3.  Give people visibility.

4.  Give anonymously.

5.  Know when to forgive, and forgive.

7.  Give opportunity.

8.  Share your knowledge and experience.

9.  Give moral support.

Take a moment and ask yourself how you might become a more generous leader.