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Feeling Appreciated? Why It Can Make All The Difference

| June 11, 2013

by Jim Bruce

The Tuesday Reading for today “Feeling Appreciated?  Why It Can Make All The Difference” <> comes from the pen of Margie Warrell, author, leadership coach, and keynote speaker.  Warrell focuses on empowering people to live and lead with greater courage.  This essay first appeared in Forbes.

Worrell notes that Donald Peterson, the former chair of Ford Motor Company, said the most important ten minutes of his day were spent telling people around him how much he appreciated their work.  We humans all want to be valued and recognized for our efforts.  It’s not that we are needy but we want to be recognized for what we do.  

Praise makes others feel more valued and people who are valued are more engaged in what they are doing and care more about doing better in the future.  Research indicates that “when managers acknowledge people for what they’re doing well during times when things are running smoothly, those same people are more likely to go the extra mile for them when things aren’t going so well.”

In her book, “Stop Playing Safe,” Worrel wrote, “actively supporting people to be more successful puts deposits into the relationships bank account that can make a crucial difference when circumstances change and the chips are down.”  How we support people when things are good makes a bigger impact on our relationships than how we support them in times of crisis.

So, as you go about your life this week, look for opportunities to express your appreciation – to the person who is always there to make the right things happen, to the person who has just turned in a great result, as well as the person who is struggling.  There is always something you can say that will lift their step and let them know that they are valued.


Have a great week.  .  .  .     jim