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Getting You and Your Boss on the Same Communication Wavelength

| March 16, 2010

by Jim Bruce

This weeks Tuesday Reading “Getting You and Your Boss on the Same Communication Wavelength” comes to us from John Baldoni’s FastCompany blog and can be found at <>

Baldoni notes that too often communications breaks down between manager and managed because they are not speaking the same language, even though they are both speaking English.  The boss wants an overview, the employee can only talk in detail mode;  the boss wants details about the project’s delivery, the employee is in the details again.  You get the picture.

Baldoni makes three suggestions to ensure that both are meeting each other’s expectations:

1.  Get on the same wavelength.  If you are not on the same wavelength, get on it by talking right then about how you each would like to receive information.  Managers show trust by asking only for the information they really need.  Employees show respect by providing managers what they need.

2.  Tune into the conversation.  Listen, don’t tune out and run to your conclusion about what is being said.

3.  Do a quick brief-back.  At the end of your conversation, both recap what you learned and both agree on next steps.

These steps will lead you to be your own translator.  Try it, you’ll be surprised how much it helps in having really meaningful conversations.


Have a great week. .  .  .  .     jim