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How to Give a Lousy Presentation

| September 29, 2009

by Jim Bruce

This week’s Tuesday Reading is from BusinessWeek’s August 25, 2009 Communications Column:  “How to Give a Lousy Presentation”. 

We all make a lot of presentations.  And, I know that you are like me and know that you are able to do better most of the time.  This piece gives you 15 excellent ways to make a lousy presentation.  It thereby gives each of us a set of solid reminders for all of us.

And, if you are out to take your presentations to a significantly higher level, get a copy of Garr Reynolds’ book “Presentation Zen.”  (Or, take a look at his website <>.)  His approach to presentations will lead you to a different way to think about how you develop and execute your “presenting.”  Key to his approach is beginning to think aobut your presentation from the listeners’ and not the speakers’ point of view.

This is an area where we can always learn.


. . . . .     jim