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How to Make People Passionate About Their Work

| August 18, 2009

by Jim Bruce

For today’s reading we turn to John Baldoni’s blog at the Harvard Business Review for his piece “How to Make People Passionate About Their Work”.  

Baldoni notes that generating passion for what you do is essential, and doubly so in difficult times.  He goes on to say that it is essential for a leader to have passion as it is vital to convincing others that their work matters.

He offers three suggestions for cultivating passion:

1.  Focus on the positive.  Passion in leaders can be felt.  They get out of their offices and are seen.  You talk with them in the hallways, you see them interacting with others, you know that they are excited about what they are doing.  They use these times to tell about the good things.

2.  Address the negatives.  These leaders know firsthand what is working and what is not.  Because they have strong relationships, they can mobilize staff to resolve problems.

3.  Set high expectations.  When you know and care about the work and have a high standard, you will challenge others to do the same.

But passion alone is no guarantee of success.  Radiating passion is important to encourage staff but having passion is not excuse for ignoring the business fundamentals.

Passion, enthusiasm, and energy are contagious.  Go spread some around this week.


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“Power derives not from rank but from relationships.”  — General James Conway, Commandant of the Marine Corp