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IT Hiring: How Thomson Reuters’ CIO Identifies Cultural Fit

| March 2, 2010

by Jim Bruce

 Today’s reading is – IT Hiring:  How Thomson Reuters’ CIO Identifies Cultural Fit – a recent piece appearing in the CIO newsletter.  It features an interview of Kelli Crane, senior vice president and CIO of Thomson Reuters by Beth Ehrgott.

As we have noted in the Leaders Program workshops, hiring the right people is as important a task as a leader encounters.  This piece gives you insight into the hiring process followed by a corporate CIO.

Several things that caught my eye:

1.  Crane has worked to improve her interviewing skills and to learn from her hiring mistakes.  

2.  Her hiring philosophy is to bring a talented individual into the organization to make a significant difference for the long term, not just to fill an immediate need.

3.  She asks individuals in other parts of the company to interview IT candidates.  Often working well with stakeholders is key to a staff member’s success.

4.  Cultural fit where culture is defined by the company’s core values has become increasingly important.

5.  A candidate’s ability to clearly and effectively articulate why he or she would be the right addition to the company is also a defining factor in Crane’s hiring decisions.

6.  A successful hire is when there is a cultural fit and the person builds strong relationships throughout the organization, across functions and businesses.

7.  A candidate should be familiar with the organization and the role, and be able to ask intelligent questions about both.

So, that’s how Kelli Crane hires senior staff at Thomson Reuters.  Some of her approach is applicable for hiring at all levels.  Take a moment and think about what you might incorporate in your next search.


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