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Lessons from Your Leadership Journey

| November 13, 2009

by Jim Bruce

Today’s reading “Lessons from Your Leadership Journey” is a recent entry in Brian McDonald’s blog at the ITLP Leadership Development Community Practice website <>.  

Early in every Leadership Program cycle, everyone has an opportunity to reflect on their past experiences as a leader and identify lessons they learned from these experiences.  In doing this, some people focus on the experience, while others go a step further and ask the question, what did I learn?  Still others ask how did what I learn influence the way I lead today?  

Brian’s post urges you to go back to the leadership journey you completed in your cycle of the program.  Update it.  (And, for those who have lost track of your work then, do take some time once again to reflect on your journey.)  And, then look for themes, insights that you believe currently influence your behavior.

After you’ve done this, you are ready to explore how you might build on, refine, or add to your learnings as you look ahead.  Brian argues that understanding these experiences and being explicit about both what you learned and the resulting practices can significantly enhance your ability to be a more effective leader. The lessons learned no doubt inform your beliefs about leadership and influence your behavior. 


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