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The Three Questions

| April 28, 2009

by Jim Bruce

Today, we turn to a short paper by William Bridges, “The Three Questions” (the paper will download).  Bridges is a name familiar to many as the author of “Managing Transitions” (2003) and “Transitions” (2004).  

In this short piece, he introduces us to three important questions which he often asks his clients:.

1.  What is changing?

2.  What will actually be different because of the change?

3.  Who’s going to lose what?

Simple questions.  But, Bridges argues they are central to understanding change.  Too, often, he notes, the people sponsoring change cannot describe the change in an understandable fashion.  Neither have they thought through what will be different for those who have to make it work.  And, finally too many leaders of change just want to get on with it focusing only to what is ahead and not helping workers letting go of what they are currently doing.

Read what Bridges is saying carefully and add his questions to your repertoire .


.  .  .  .  .   jim