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This One Leadership Quality Will Make or Break You

| March 6, 2012

by Jim Bruce

Today’s reading “This One Leadership Quality Will Make or Break Youis from the pen of Mike Myatt, author (Leadership Matters…The CEO Survival Manuel) and managing director and chief strategy officer at N2growth.  The piece appeared at

If you’re asking, which quality, Myatt’s answer is pursuit.  He says “Great leaders are never satisfied with traditional practice, strategic thinking, conventional wisdom, or common performance.”  Leaders are uncomfortable with the status quo.  Pursuit is needed to attain, to move forward.  According to Myatt, “lacking this one quality can sentence you to mediocrity or even obsolescence.” 

So, what is it that you are pursuing?  What you pursue is what you value?  And, what you value is what is revealed in your actions?

Stop, reflect, and ask yourself what is it that you are really pursuing.  If you like the answer, charge ahead.  If not, make the necessary changes and go for it.


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