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We Are All People

| September 18, 2006

by Jim Bruce

Most of the time we interact with others — fellow members of a team, colleagues assembled for a particular issue, individuals we meet by happenstance — to get work done.  In “We Are All People,” Rick Brenner of Chaco Canyon Consulting reminds us that we are all people, different people, and that we have one common objective, getting results.  He provides nine guidelines you may find helpful:

    1.  Assume that you still don’t understand the problem.

    2.  No one measures status accurately. 

        (I.e., don’t bother keeping score.)

    3.  Engage.

    4.  Make space for everyone.

    5.  Balance task and relationship.

    6.  Give it a rest.

    7.  Increasing pressure eventually causes turbulence.

    8.  Have special procedures for emergencies.

    9.  Appreciate differences.


                                                            .  .  .  .  .     jim