When I get Better at …

| April 13, 2010

by Jim Bruce

Recently Linkage published a short piece by Marshall Goldsmith – “When I Get Better at …” A Simple Exercise for Changing a Behavior to Achieve Results <http://bit.ly/aUrU3M> – which is this week’s reading.

In this piece, Goldsmith describes a very simple exercise – select a behavior you want to change, for example listening, and then complete the sentence “When I get better at listening” listing one benefit that will result from my behavioral change.  For example:  When I get better at listening, I will hear my staff’s complete thoughts.

And, then, after reflection, list a second benefit, continuing until you have listed six to eight benefits.  You can do this as a personal exercise, taking time to really think through each of the benefits as your take time to reflect on your behavior.  Or, you can do it in a small group.

In either case, be really honest with the benefits you list.  Then ask yourself the question:  Would it be worth making the change? If it is, go for it!


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